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Seamless digital connections for frictionless payments between banks, telecom companies, 
and utility companies.

BankIntegrator is a cloud solution that enables digital transactions for big and small organizations. 

Convenience that pays for itself.

More revenue, less cost and more convenience for consumers.
What is BankIntegrator

What is BankIntegrator

BankIntegrator is an end-to-end solution that seamlessly connects telecom and utility service providers with banks to automate bill payments and core balance top-ups. Gone are the days of processing bill payments and top-ups manually. With BankIntegrator's unique and trademarked peer-to-peer technology, service providers now have a seamless connection with the banking consumer.

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BankIntegrator for Banks and Credit Unions

It’s not a secret that the world is in rapid evolution due to continuous digital innovations. Consumers are more demanding and expect instant satisfaction.

With BankIntegrator you get:

Digitally enabled banking products

Convenience for customers

New revenue stream

For banks

BankIntegrator for Telecom & Utilities

While continuous investment in infrastructure and competition with emerging technologies are top of mind Telecom and Utility companies must find new ways improve the bottom line.


Leveraging digital bank channels to implement effective sales and distribution flows is key for Caribbean Telecom and Utility companies especially as e-commerce payment rails are often lagging in most territories in the region.


With BankIntegrator you get:

Instant processing and delivery of bill payment and top ups

Direct access to local and regional banks and credit unions.

Easy and quick implementation of digital interconnections

For telecom

Last news

Last news

About us

BankIntegrator is part of Ictual Inc. Ictual is a software solutions provider based in Curaçao that serves clients in the Caribbean region and the Netherlands.

BankIntegrator came from years of Ictual servicing its clients in the Financial and Telecom sector, where we saw a need for a solution that can streamline financial payments such as top-ups from Telecom and other utility companies towards the banks.

About us
Where are we located?
Ictual Building, Emancipatie Boulevard 21 Willemstad, Curaçao
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