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The digital revolution for Credit Unions

A SaaS solution that aligns with the product vision of Credit Unions in the Caribbean & Central America; leveraging technology to bring new benefits to current members.

As financial institutions, operating in a dynamic industry, Credit Unions are encountering various new hurdles along their path. Challenges such as the adoption of digital channels, ever-increasing compliance burdens, limited income streams, operational inefficiencies and to put the cherry on top, an aging membership base. On the flip side, it pulls the doors wide open to an opportunity to make leaps towards strengthening their relevancy within their communities and transform into digital-forward organizations that continue to deliver on the promise to their members. That’s where BankIntegrator comes in.

BankIntegrator is a digital network that offers a range of capabilities that enable Credit Unions to make their digital channels, such as online banking, mobile banking, and ATMs more valuable and attractive for members while generating new streams of income that can be allocated to create even more value for members. Unlike traditional core mobile/online banking platforms, BankIntegrator is an intermediary network that connects Credit Unions with Telecom and Utility providers to process bill payments and top-ups in real time.

BankIntegrator caters to Credit Unions in all stages of their digital journeys. For example:

  • Credit Unions that seek to increase the adoption of digital channels after recently implementing online and mobile banking solutions.

  • Credit Unions with members who seek the convenience of Technology that adds to their experience.

  • Credit Unions that are balancing the management of their invested funds while adding the most value for members.

BankIntegrator offers several benefits that can help Credit Unions address these challenges. With real-time transactions, digital member-service channels become more attractive to younger crowds. Additional income from transactions creates more financial space to add value for all members, and adding new capabilities, such as top-up and bill-pay, creates more convenience and satisfaction for members.

In summary, BankIntegrator is an ideal solution for Credit Unions in the Caribbean and Central America that seek to enhance their digital channels and generate new revenue to create additional value for their members. By offering new capabilities that align with the digital ambitions of Credit Unions, BankIntegrator empowers Credit Unions to thrive in the evolving financial industry.


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